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How and Why I Use Symfony Asset Mapper (importmap) Over Encore
Symfony provides powerful tools for asset management, and among these tools are the Asset Mapper (importmap) and Symfony Encore. While both have their strengths, there are compelling reasons to choose Asset Mapper over Encore, particularly for p
15 hours ago
The Non-tech Problems Facing Tech Teams
Through my experience with various companies' tech teams over the years, I've observed a recurring pattern of non-technical issues that affect them. Lack of CommunicationIronically,
1 month ago
CIO's Guide to AI-Driven Cost Reduction: Preparing Your Development Team
Feeling the squeeze? First COVID-19 related costs, then war on the European continent leading to energy prices soaring in turn making operational costs soar and now a slump in slow markets. Not to mention the state of the labor market, trying to
2 months ago
Developers Holding Your App Hostage? Want To Fire Them, But Can’t? How to Break Free.
Are you frustrated by how slow, problematic and stressful delivering a new feature for your application has become? You may even think that this is a normal state of affairs, that there is supposed to be a constant
2 months ago
The Shift
In recent years, applications have become bloated and extremely complex. With the advent of Javascript frontend frameworks like React and Vue, we have essentially doubled or tripled the workload, by creating essentially two or more isolated syst
3 months ago
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