How Stupid Smart Are You?
4 years ago

I'm tired of some assumptions made by developers (juniour and senior). This issue effects large and small alike. For example, the assumption that if you are in a certain location then you will want to have the application in the local language. Why make this assumption? For what benifit? are you expecting everyone who lives, travels through and visits to speak the local language?

The objective may possibly be to save the user time, but if you inverse that arguement and think about how many people have been inconvenienced, by having to hunt around in the application settings attempting to change the language back to the language they previously selected. My point here is why not just let the user choose? If they want to change language they will.

This issue appears to be rather trivial initally. so what? If you go to different countires you are greeted in different languages so why not digitally as well, or you might just say who cares, stop being lazy and just change the language.

Well the deeper issue is based on two reasons, firstly developers do these types of things purely because they can and the inherint assumption that whatever is newer must be better. That to me is an issue.

Unless there is an ulterior motive, such as wanting your customers to have perticular settings, (such as privicy) then make changing those settings so painfully frustrating then almost no user would try it. This can be seen with Apple's Icloud, if this is not intentionally atempting to deter the user from turning it off then there is something very very wrong.

The same sort of thing can be seen on Facebook, when was the last time your checked your privicy settings? It seems the website is actively trying to distract it's customers from changing their settings.

personally I think over time, frustation with over advertising, overly confusing application processes and layouts, will give rise to a simplify movemnt, that will either reject techonology all together, such as anti-wifi cafes where non-tech activities would be promoted and/or applications that are the simplist and easiest to use, configure and modify or merely appear to be so, will become king of the digial mound of data dirt.